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P.S. I Love You...

Want a cute and easy way to show your special someone why you love them?
Here is what I did:

Using some cool old-school library book cards I found at the thrift store for a quarter - I made a little booklet letting my sweet man know why I love him! I just used random scrapbooking leftovers, and made most of the stickers myself on my Silhouette SD. 

The best part about this is that it comes straight from your heart  - and you can continue to add to it all the time! 

Here are a few pictures - to see many more, click HERE. (It will take you to my Flickr account)

Let me know what you think!
P.S. He LOVED it!!


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Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

I took an old cookie sheet (I forgot to take a picture...) and spray painted the edges and back- it could have used another coat...but I was impatient. 

Then I found some scrapbook paper and ribbon- Mod Podged it on

And voila! A great place to hang my orders,business cards, and inspiration pictures!

Shoe Crate

I got this lovely crate for $3 - they originally wanted $, I don't think so!

I thought it would make a great place to store our shoes - right by the front door! I took some left over paint from THIS project, watered it down a bit- and painted the crate in layers! Its hard to tell from the pictures, but it has an awesome weathered look!


I got a few old frames from my mom this past weekend...

Not so cute.

I sprayed a little paint on and voila!

Also, last week I went to an estate sale with a few friends. I didn't find much, but I did get these vintage christmas balls for a dollar:

So I made a cute decoration with a little hot glue and ribbon!

Oh, and I also got a bunch of wine bottle corks for a dollar- which I am using as a bottle filler for now! 

I am linking this up to the amazing Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home!!

Vintage Scarf Holder

I have these amazing beautiful vintage (mostly ITALIAN!!) scarves that were my Great-Grandmothers--> and I thought they deserved to be shown off in some way! My hubby stepped on a picture frame... and broke the glass. Poor guy.
  I decided to repurpose the backing and frame to make this...

First, I covered the backing with burlap...

Hot glued on some scrap ribbon I had lying around--

Printed off a little label,distressed the edges with ink, and added a brad!

I love the final product! What a great way to show off some treasured items. It looks GREAT on my bedroom wall (which is mid-remodel!). I can't wait to finish my room to show you all. =)


DIY Apothecary Jars

I love Apothecary jars, but I cannot bring myself to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them. So... I found these various items at the thrift store - all for four dollars!

Mixed, matched, and glued together with my Gorilla Glue...

My FOUR dollar Apothecary jars! I still need a lid for the tallest one, but that will be super easy to find!


Book Wreath

Okay, so there are these book wreaths that they have at Anthropologie that are amazingly wonderful. But they cost like a baztrillionzillion dollars!!! 

SO I went to the DI and Dollar Store ... and made this TWO dollar wreath. Which looks better than the original if I do say so myself!

All you need:
A dollar store wreath, and a DI book for ONE dollar.
Hot glue gun, and dark brown paint! 

I painted the edges of the book dark dark brown- using a cloth to wipe the excess off. 

Then I carefully tore out every single page (after the paint dried), rolled them, and glued them !! Really doesn't get much easier than that...

I found some vintage ribbon, and used it to hang onto the fun vintage key drawer pull I had in my stash. LOVE.

Too bad I can't paint my walls! Darn apartment living...


Repurpose: Mantel Clock

We got this adorable clock for our wedding, but the hands fell off inside the glass. I tried so hard, but there was no way the glass part was opening. So I had to get rid of it. I loved the shape of this clock so much tho, I thought it would be fun to repurpose it!

So I cut out a piece of (some awesome blue/brown toile!!) paper to fit inside the back piece. 

Then I grabbed this diaper box before My hubby took it to the trash-

I tore off on the sides, took some Jute Twine and hot glue --> and made an H (for our last name). I made two different ones, cuz I wasn't sure of how they would turn out. 

I cut them out after they dried, and picked the one on the left. (I'm glad I took a picture of it, otherwise I don't know how long it would have taken me to realize I missed some parts while cutting.)

I hot glued it onto the paper...

Then I  added to the top of my new tv hutch (which I need to show everyone what I did to it!!) with my 50 cent candle holders...which still need things on top. But that will have to be another day...

I really love it because it adds some texture in the room, and its pretty darn unique!! 


How To Repurpose Empty Oatmeal Containers

I've been making loads of homemade granola b/c we are just a tiny bit obsessed with granola&yogurt. Its just so yummy. 


Anyways, after using all these empty oatmeal containers, I just knew I couldn't throw them away! They seemed so perfect for...something. I just wasn't sure what that 'something' was yet.

And then, after I kept complaining to myself about how I had nowhere to really store all of this homemade granola (space in our apartment is pretty limited...especially with no pantry!) --> I thought, "Why not put it in here??" 

I don't know about you, but I was not in love with the look of these - so I spruced it up with some scrapbook paper, paint, and ribbon! 

Now if I only had a clever way to disguise those ugly cereal boxes!! Any ideas?

Oh, and while I was at it - I took an old shoe box and covered it as well. Now I have a nice place for my son's snacks!!